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Bringing the New and Unique to Local Markets

Posted on June 11, 2020 in Announcements, Press Releases

One of the great advantages of operating community-focused centers is the ability to encourage entrepreneurial tenants — until a pandemic intervenes. But with support of a dedicated landlord like ShopCore Properties, unique tenants can survive and thrive.

Case in point: Voodoo Bayou planned to offer diners at ShopCore’s Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in Florida a sit-down Cajun dining experience with craft cocktails and traditional southern favorites. The restaurant went through a complicated permitting process, and finally held a soft opening on March 11, to accolades from the community and local press.

Nine days later, Florida was ordered to shelter in place. So Voodoo Bayou shifted its focus from dining in, to take-out, delivery — and even a small amount of grocery. Shoppers seeking pantry items and a small amount of supplies could order them right alongside the dining offerings.

The menu changed as well, with a greater focus on fried chicken and biscuits, including eight-piece family meals, as well as gumbo. The result was lines of cars waiting around the block and a devoted Facebook following, with fans extolling its desserts.

With a partial lifting of the order, Voodoo Bayou recently reopened at 25% capacity. A formal grand opening will be held sometime in the future.

“The owner, Curtis Peery, was so entrepreneurial, so smart and agile,” said Nina Rogers, Vice President of Specialty Leasing. “I have an incredible amount of respect for him.”

At ShopCore’s One Colorado in Pasadena, California, leases with Australian skincare company AESOP and co-working company Industrious came in under the wire before California ordered sheltering in place. And more are in talks, reported Mark Ross, senior leasing director, as ShopCore renovates and rethinks the mix at the open-air center located in the heart of Old Pasadena.

“The center is all about being cutting-edge and offering trendy new concepts,” Ross said.

As agreements are finalized, look for state-of-the art fitness users, contemporary apparel and quick-service, grab-and-go food items from countries around the globe. The project already boasts a global focus, with a mix including Sephora, Patagonia and a Nike store that is being converted to its hyperlocal concept.

The project is uniquely qualified to offer both convenience and uniqueness. With retail located around a central courtyard, One Colorado is being reconfigured to become even more of a gathering place, ready to welcome guests as soon as it’s permitted.