MyShop Pop-Up

MyShop – Dream. Pop-up. Grow. by ShopCore Properties is a program that partners with business owners that are ready to explore the world of pop-up retail. Find out more about opportunities in your market.

Explore Pop-up opportunities  

The ShopCore


All the benefits of prominent visibility with the agility you need. With ShopCore Properties, you will benefit from:

  • Terms as short as one day
  • Variety of indoor and outdoor space
  • Market dominant locations in thriving communities
  • Innovative and experienced team offering prompt service

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Specialty Leasing


  • Pop-up shops & events
  • Seasonal sales including fireworks & Halloween
  • Farmers markets, art shows & artisan markets
  • Food trucks
  • Mobile retail stores
  • Experiential marketing opportunities, branding events & tasting/sampling events
  • Advertising including pole banners, billboards & temporary campaigns
  • Community events
  • Cell towers
  • Solar panels
  • ATM machines
  • Vending machines
  • Recycle bins
  • Car charging stations
  • Office space