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Open for Opportunity: Highlights from the 2024 ShopCore Properties Corporate Retreat

Posted on February 13, 2024 in News, Trends, And Insights

In early February, we came together for our 2024 Corporate Retreat. Spanning two days filled with engaging discussions, insightful exchanges, and celebratory moments, our dedicated team members from across the country gathered, fostering unity and sparking innovation. As we launched into this new year, the ShopCore Properties Corporate Retreat underscored our steadfast commitment to forging an opportunity-focused and dynamic future for the retail industry.

Throughout the retreat, breakout sessions, guest speakers, and department presentations paved the way for an exciting year ahead. We had the privilege of catching up with some attendees to glean their most resonant takeaways:


Rocell Viniard – Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Michael Puline – Vice President, National Accounts

Topic of Session: Reimaging Retail: The Use of Data in Research, Leasing, Marketing & More.

Attendees: A diverse group of cross-departmental colleagues including Ancillary Income, Leasing, Property Management, Research, and IT.

Takeaways: We discovered a wealth of tools and resources available today that empower our teams to make more informed strategic decisions leveraging data. While we’ve been utilizing these resources for years, we realized there’s untapped potential and numerous unidentified use cases waiting to be explored. Our diverse working group unearthed compelling examples, emphasizing the value of cross-departmental collaboration in unlocking the full potential of these resources. Embracing data and AI is pivotal as it’s poised to revolutionize the way businesses, including Retail Real Estate, operate.


Alexis Brock – Senior Regional Marketing Manager

Topic of Session: Harnessing the Power of Communication.

Attendees: The women of ShopCore Properties.

Takeaways: Effective communication hinges on practice and preparation, fostering confidence and effectiveness in public speaking and interpersonal communication. The session emphasized the significance of body language and crafting a compelling elevator pitch to succinctly convey one’s identity, objectives, and aspirations.


Sally Stephenson – Manager, Ancillary Income

Topic of Session: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Public Speaking.

Takeaways: Practice and preparation are instrumental in building self-confidence and alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with public speaking. The session was well-received amongst attendees, sparking ideas for future opportunities to form smaller group discussions and hold interactive practice sessions for enhanced learning and preparation for real-world scenarios.


The 2024 Corporate Retreat exemplified our commitment to embracing change and guided us towards a future filled with possibilities. As we navigate the evolving retail landscape, we remain dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and seizing every opportunity that comes our way. Because at ShopCore Properties, we’re always open for opportunity.